Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Email servers (mostly) back to normal

This morning we attempted to move the AFSC email servers to our remote hosting location. We ran into some problems we could not solve in a timely manner, so we opted to bring the servers back to Friends Center. We will try to determine what went wrong so we won’t run into the same problems when we try to move them again.

As of this writing (11:45am, US Eastern time), here is the status:
  • The email servers are back up and running. 
  • Internal mail is working normally.
  • You should be able to send email normally to contacts outside of AFSC.
  • Outside email coming into AFSC is spotty, but getting better. (We made changes to our public address, so that outside senders would know that our email servers had moved. When we opted to bring the email servers back into Friends Center, we had to change the public address back. The first change took a while to take effect. The second change is still in the process of taking effect. Over the next few hours, things should change back to normal.)
  • Email on your smartphone or tablet may or may not work, for the same reasons as above. It will eventually come back to normal.
  • Theoretically, no email from outside contacts should have been lost during this outage. However, some could have been bounced back to the original sender. If someone sent you an email that was not delivered, they should have received a non-delivery notice from their own email server. If they try sending their message again, it should come through.

Thanks for your patience,


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